1. Image of a the blog post microservices without reason.

    Microservices without reason

    Too many companies default to microservices, and with it comes increasing development and operational costs, a decrease in software quality, and a decrease in team motivation.

    Oct 7, 2023

  2. Using nuxt to serve a rss feed.

    RSS with Nuxt 3 and Nuxt Content

    In this guide I'll show you how to implement a dynamic rss feed with Nuxt 3 and Nuxt Content for your website.

    Jan 3, 2023

  3. Image of a many-to-one relation.

    Use jpa relations mindfully

    JPA is a great tool to map your entities to tables but its modeling paradigm through annotations leads to a complex spaghetti-mess. A simpler and way better modeling approach for relations is to just use plain ids instead of referencing another entity.

    Dec 23, 2022